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FORSTER welding systems GmbH
about us

The Company

Innovative industry solutions – everything from a single source.

As a system provider, we develop and manufacture solutions for your welding tasks entirely in-house.

Our departments:

  • engineering department
  • electrical planning
  • Software development and commissioning for logic controls and robots
  • Mechanical production of components with conventional and CNC-controlled processing machines
  • Device and system assembly
  • Welding technology testing and advice
  • training and service

In addition to a large number of welding tables and devices, we deliver several large and small welding robot systems every year. You can find a selection of satisfied customers here.

The People

We currently employ 30 people who work closely together and continuously accompany all projects from the beginning to the successful conclusion.

Beginning with sales specialists to generate orders, technicians and qualified engineers take over the development and engineering of the projects. Our master craftsmen, toolmakers, master welders, welders, mechanics and fitters then manufacture and assemble each device or system and complete the production.

Our Story

  • 1987 Founding of Förster Schweisstechnik by Dipl.Ing. Rainer Förster as a service workshop for welding technology and machines.
  • 1996 Market launch of the T-slot system. First presentation of the FÖRSTER welding table with the then patented T-NUT SYSTEM with a specially developed clamping system at the „EUROBLECH“ in Hanover.
  • 1997 Founding of FÖRSTER GmbH by Karla and Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Forster.
  • Awarded the Bavarian State Prize for the Förster welding table system
  • 2002 Awarded another Bavarian State Prize at the „IHM“ for our ergonomic welding table.
  • 2006 Founding of FÖRSTER Manufacturing Systems by Lars Förster for the CNC production of our rails in GG and Al/Cu as well as the processing of many accessories in-house.
  • 2011 Founding of today’s FÖRSTER welding systems GmbH
  • 2011 Awarded the Federal Prize 2011 for our program-controlled railing welding device.
  • 2014 to 2016 Expansion of the company by merging the individual companies FÖRSTER Schweisstechnik and FÖRSTER Fertigungssystems into today’s FÖRSTER welding systems GmbH.
  • 2020 Sale of the company to Sebastian Heinz

Our Future

Thanks to the experience gained by the new owner and the hiring of highly qualified specialists in the field of automation, the focus has been moved increasingly on the production of robotic welding systems since 2021, without neglecting the unique welding tables and devices.

We want to make our customers‘ work easier with our products. In addition to the keywords efficiency and product quality, we also prioritize ergonomics and flexibility.

We continuously collect cross-industry know-how and incorporate this into the optimization and further development of our products.


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